What is GriDie Games?

GriDie Games is an indipendent-videogame developer located in  Hamburg, Germany. Founded by Mirco Griggel and Malte Diers, the name givers, as well as Kilian Braun, Janis Bathel and Lennart Schwarz.


GriDie Games consists of 5 members, studying Game Programming and Game Art at SAE institute.


Main Projects

We are currently in the conceptualization for a fast-pace third person multiplayer arena shooter. Follow us on Twitter to get updates on our projects.

Side Projects / Game Jams

Side Projects

We are currently working on a small endlessrunner game for mobile devices.

Game Jams

The Truth was made in 7 days during the 2018 Gamejam „2018 Epic Megajam“, hosted by Epic Games

Unfunny Fair was made in 48 hours during the 2018 Gamejam „BeansJam Mobile“, hosted by the Rocket Beans.


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